On permeability estimation for mudstones using geophysical length scales

Robinson, Judy (Rutgers University Newark) | Slater, Lee (Rutgers University Newark) | Keating, Kristina (Rutgers University Newark) | Robinson, Tonian (Rutgers University Newark) | Parker, Beth (University of Guelph) | Rose, Carla (University of Guelph) | Prasad, Manika (Colorado School of Mines)


Summary Geophysical length scales derived from complex resistivity (CR) and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) measurements offer promise for the noninvasive estimation of permeability. Petrophysical relationships linking NMR length-scales to permeability have been used in both sandstone and mudstone formations. In contrast, petrophysical relations linking CR length-scales to permeability have been limited to sandstones and unconsolidated sediments. The purpose of our study was to evaluate the predictive capability of CRbased permeability relations when applied to mudstones and to compare the predictions against those determined from NMR models. Introduction The robust estimation of permeability from geophysical measurements remains one of the grand challenges in hydrogeophysics.