An Effective Denoising Method for Removing Harmonic Distortion in Correlated Vibroseis Data

Qu, Shan (China University of Petroleum) | Zhou, Hui (China University of Petroleum) | Zhang, Hongjing (BGP) | Yuan, Jiang (China University of Petroleum) | Qin, Mo (China University of Petroleum)



In this abstract, a new simple approach is presented to eliminate the harmonic noise in correlated vibroseis data. This technique is based on decomposition of the ground force signal into fundamental and harmonic components. Subsequently, we calculate the inverse-correlation operator and obtain the inverse-correlated data. Then, all the harmonics can be filtered out one by one after the inverse-correlated data cross-correlating with corresponding harmonic components. This method has some advantages as follows: First, it is simpler and more time-saving. Second, it can process truncated and incomplete correlated vibroseis seismic data. Moreover, this method only requires the ground force signal and shot location for each shot. Especially, the significant contribution of this procedure is a considerable reduction in the harmonics without any alteration of the desired signals. Both synthetic and field data are used to test its validity.