Optimal Wellbore Placement of a Penta-Lateral Well in the Schrader Bluff Reservoir, North Slope, Alaska

Maraj, Priya (BP) | Huber, Ken (BP) | Itter, David (BP) | Nelson, Jeff (BP) | Rabinovich, Michael (BP) | Youngmun, Alex (BP) | Antonov, Yuriy (Baker Hughes) | Mejia, Luis (Baker Hughes) | Martakov, Sergey (Baker Hughes) | Pazos, Jhonatan (Baker Hughes) | Small, Austin (Baker Hughes) | Tropin, Nikita (Baker Hughes)


Summary A significant oil resource exists within the Schrader Bluff and stratigraphic equivalent West Sak reservoirs located on the central North Slope of Alaska. The Schrader Bluff resource is under development in the Kuparuk River Unit, Milne Point, and within the Prudhoe Bay Unit. These areas have developed reservoirs with oil viscosities up to 200 cp under waterflood and viscosity-reducing miscible gas injection. A grass roots penta-lateral gas-lifted producer was drilled and completed to unlock untapped oil in the northern portion of the Polaris S-Pad Schrader Bluff viscous oil reservoir in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. This producer was the first multilateral well drilled in the Orion and Polaris Schrader Bluff reservoirs in ≈8 years. The team worked to unlock surface and subsurface opportunities, delivering a substantially lower cost of access than planned. Production rate from Schrader Bluff reservoir wells has a positive correlation with contacted net sandstone. Optimal well placement in each of the five laterals was key to the delivery of a successful project. A novel approach to geosteering was used to maximize net sandstone exposure, utilizing deep azimuthal resistivity and real-timeuser-guided multilayered inversion modeling.

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