Asphaltene Stability Analysis for Crude Oils and Their Relationship With Asphaltene Precipitation Models for a Gas Condensate Field

Siddiqui, Muhammad Arsalan (NED University of Engineering & Technology) | Tariq, Syed Mohammad (NED University of Engineering & Technology) | Haneef, Javed (NED University of Engineering & Technology) | Ali, Syed Imran (NED University of Engineering & Technology) | Manzoor, Abdul Ahad (NED University of Engineering & Technology)



Asphaltene deposition can cause production reduction in oil fields and can create problems in surface/subsurface equipment. The three main factors which affect asphaltene stability in a crude oil are the changes in pressure, temperature and composition. Composition changes occur as the pressure depletes with time and fluid becomes heavier or with gas or chemical injection in reservoir. Any of these changes can destabilizes the asphaltene in crude oil and can cause different operational difficulties, loss in production and increases safety concerns. The objective of this study is to develop a workflow for modeling asphaltene precipitation during pressure depletion and its application to develop mitigation strategy via asphaltene stability maps for a gas condensate field in South Potwar basin, Pakistan