The Application of High Temperature Elastomer PCP In CSS Wells

Zhang, S. (LiaoHe Oilfield Company of Petrochina) | Song, F. (LiaoHe Oilfield Company of Petrochina) | Wu, F. (LiaoHe Oilfield Company of Petrochina) | Lou, E. (LiaoHe Oilfield Company of Petrochina) | Seince, L. (PCM POMP) | Wu, B. (PCM POMP) | Xiao, J.H. (ANDMIR Environmental Group Canada Inc.)


As a new artificial lift application in oil & gas industry, progressive cavity pump (PCP) becomes more and more widely used in the oilfields for its inherent advantages as energy saving, lower investment and easy maintenance. Due to the temperature limitation of stator elastomer, however, PCP has never used before in the CSS (Cyclic Steam Stimulation) application. To test the feasibility of the PCP in CSS condition, we have tried the High-Temperature-Elastomer PCP (PCM198 Elastomer PCP), manufactured by PCM, in Well Shu1-39-036 after the steam injection. The result of this trial is promising, and proves that PCM 198 PCP can tolerate the high temperature in the CSS downhole condition for the thermal recovery of heavy oil. The trial has also opened a new frontier for the PCP application in heavy oil production.