Green Field Development Workflow Involving Appraisal, Increased Scope, Optimizing Target Production And Reservoir Monitoring: A Case Study

Raghunathan, Murali (ADNOC - Al Dhafra Petroleum Company) | Alkhatib, Mohamad (ADNOC - Al Dhafra Petroleum Company) | Al Ali, Abdulla Ali (ADNOC - Al Dhafra Petroleum Company) | Mukhtar, Muhammad (ADNOC - Al Dhafra Petroleum Company) | Doucette, Neil (ADNOC - Al Dhafra Petroleum Company)


A novel workflow was developed to select an optimal field development plan (FDP) which accounts for a number of associated uncertainties for an oil Greenfield concession that has a limited number of wells, production data and information. The FDP was revisited and updated to address the additional data acquired during the field delineation phase. The study in Ref-1 demonstrates the comprehensive uncertainty analysis performed and the resulting optimized FDP. The FDP was developed to minimize the economic risk and uncertainty. Further field delineation activities have revealed a north and south extensions with an increase in hydrocarbon accumulation by 115%. A reservoir dynamic model was updated because of the increase in HC and input data from 17 wells. A workflow has been created with a suitable development option to consider the recently appraised areas, which are: - Updated saturation height functions (SHFs) which improve the match between newly drilled wells and water saturations logs - Updated reservoir models which were based on well tests and new analytical interpretations - History matching well test data with new acquisition data - Optimized field development options, that cover additional areas - Inputs to reservoir surveillance plan Be implementing following an extensive analysis the most robust development concept was selected and will now in the field.