Poststack impedance inversion using improved particle swarm optimization

Cui, Xiaofei (Xi'an Jiaotong University)


Inversion for seismic impedance is an ill-posed and nonlinear problem. Hence inversion results are non-unique and unstable. Scholars have made great efforts in this research and recent years it has emerged more and more new non-linear inversion method with the application of the nonlinear inversion problems. Standard particle swarm optimization (PSO) is not appropriate when we use it for the post-stack impedance directly. So we come up with an improved particle swarm optimization to alleviate these problems for the post-stack impedance inversion. This improved particle swarm optimization is based on the swarm intelligence and probabilistic theory for global optimization. This paper applied this method in the observation data of post-stack impedance inversion. The results show that this improved particle swarm optimization algorithm is a global optimization algorithm with a better performance than standard PSO for post-stack impedance inversion. It is feasible and effective for impedance inversion problem.

Presentation Date: Monday, October 17, 2016

Start Time: 4:10:00 PM

Location: Lobby D/C

Presentation Type: POSTER