Numerical modelling of salty reservoir waterflooding with fresh water

Bogachev, Kirill (Rock Flow Dynamics) | Milyutin, S. V. (Rock Flow Dynamics) | Dzuba, V. I. (TNK-BP)




In this article, a reservoir waterflood numerical modelling problem is considered for the case when injected water salinity is different from formation water salinity, and taking into account mass transfer due to reservoir salt dilution. Based on a multiphase isothermal black oil model, a new mathematical model is proposed, taking into account the basic physical parameters of the underlying process, such as maximum salt concentration (saturated solution concentration), viscosity and water density dependence on salt concentration, porosity and permeability changes during dilution. It is assumed that dilution speed is proportional to current and saturated solution concentration difference. This model was programmed in a commercial parallel hydrodynamic reservoir simulator [1] and was tested on real field models, showing high numerical effectiveness.