A Holistic Approach Utilizing Simple, Reliable and Cost-Effective Axial Friction Reduction System in Improving the Drilling Efficiency and Cost Optimization in the Directional Sections

Abdelhaq, Zeina (National Oilwell Varco) | Fei, Ji (PetroChina) | Wu, Jiandong (Anton Oilfield Service) | Yan, Miao (National Oilwell Varco) | Yufeng, Chen (PetroChina)



The introduction and standardization of the use of an axial friction reduction tool by a service company in they Halfaya field for a national oil company has resulted in a significant improvement in drilling efficiency and reduction in operating costs.

The directional application in the Halfaya field in the start of the campaign was challenging for the operator and directional companies. Challenges in terms of high torque, poor tool face control resulting in multiple trips, damaged bottomhole assembly (BHA), and the inability to reach planned total depth (TD) forced the operator to call for alternative high-end technologies. Those technologies, although wellperforming, presented various operational challenges and did not represent a cost-effective solution to the operator.

The introduction of a simple axial friction reduction tool combined with a positive displacement motor assembly showed an immediate and clear improvement to the torque and drag issues and was comparable to the higher end alternative technologies that were not cost effective.

This paper presents how this tool became an essential part of the BHA with an average of 30% improvement on the overall performance. Apart from enhanced drilling efficiency, another major factor contributing to this achievement was at least a 50% reduction in the number of trips required to change the BHA components, resulting in a highly cost-efficient solution. This technology was successful across all well designs.

A holistic and optimization-based approach focusing on tool placement using a special algorithm was conducted in the field for both the buildup and the lateral sections. The performance of the tool was consistent and gradually improved to becoming the standard with motor assemblies completing sections in one run.

By introducing the axial friction reduction tool, there has been more than 100 runs to date over the course of the Halfaya field development that have lead to a massive cost saving for the operator.