Application of Slant Streamer Marine Seismic Survey in the South China Sea

Fuming, Ruan (China Oilfield Services Limited) | Kai, Yang (China Oilfield Services Limited) | Qiuyun, Wu (China Oilfield Services Limited) | Yaoqiang, Zhu (China Oilfield Services Limited) | Lie, Li (CNOOC China Limited)


Summary: In recent years, broadband seismic acquisition and processing technology has become the hotspot of research and application of marine seismic exploration, slant streamer seismic acquisition technology is a reflection of the broadband seismic exploration technology. It is good to remove ghost wave and broaden the collected seismic data band. China National Offshore Oil Corp (CNOOC) applies the independently developed single-hydrophone short trace spacing streamer acquisition system "HQI-Seis" to make slant streamer broadband seismic acquisition in the west Wenchang A recessed area of the Pearl River Mouth Basin of the northern part of the South China Sea. In the process of seismic data acquisition and data processing, we use the method different from conventional marine seismic exploration technology, which enhances the low-frequency energy of the seismic data, broadens the band, especially improves the quality of the middle deep seismic data significantly, and achieves satisfactory geological effects. Introduction: The northern part of the South China Sea is a great potential for the field of oil and gas exploration in China's coastal waters(Zhu W.L. 2008).