Challenges, Uncertainties, and Issues Facing Gas Production From Gas-Hydrate Deposits

Moridis, George (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) | Collett, Timothy S. (U.S. Geological Survey) | Pooladi-Darvish, Mehran (University of Calgary) | Hancock, Steven H. (RPS Group) | Santamarina, Carlos (Georgia Institute of Technology) | Boswell, Ray (US Department of Energy) | Kneafsey, Timothy J. (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) | Rutqvist, Jonny (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) | Kowalsky, Michael B. (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) | Reagan, Matthew T. (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) | Sloan, E. Dendy (Colorado School of Mines) | Sum, Amadeu (Colorado School of Mines) | Koh, Carolyn (Colorado School of Mines)



The current paper complements the Moridis et al. (2009) review of the status of the effort toward commercial gas production from hydrates. We aim to describe the concept of the gas-hydrate (GH) petroleum system; to discuss advances, requirements, and suggested practices in GH prospecting and GH deposit characterization; and to review the associated technical, economic, and environmental challenges and uncertainties, which include the following: accurate assessment of producible fractions of the GH resource; development of methods for identifying suitable production targets; sampling of hydrate-bearing sediments (HBS) and sample analysis; analysis and interpretation of geophysical surveys of GH reservoirs; well-testing methods; interpretation of well-testing results; geomechanical and reservoir/well stability concerns; well design, operation, and installation; field operations and extending production beyond sand-dominated GH reservoirs; monitoring production and geomechanical stability; laboratory investigations; fundamental knowledge of hydrate behavior; the economics of commercial gas production from hydrates; and associated environmental concerns.