Unconventional Resources Exploration and Development in the Northern Territory - Challenges from a Regulator's Perspective

Rezazadeh, M. (Northern Territory Department of Mines and Energy) | Hattum, J. van (Northern Territory Department of Mines and Energy) | Marozzi, D. (Northern Territory Department of Mines and Energy)


The production of conventional onshore oil and gas in the Northern Territory began in 1983 from the Palm Valley gas field, Amadeus Basin South of Alice Springs. Up until 2010the industry relied on conventional oil and gas development technology albeit with substantial technological advances over time. In recent years the focus of the industry has shifted to unconventional resource exploration, particularly the highly prospective shale gas resources in the McArthur and Georgina Basins. Current estimates indicate that the Northern Territory has more than 200 trillion cubic feet of prospective unconventional natural gas resources in six basins. The technologies and techniques to explore and develop petroleum resources from deep shale are innovations on technologies and practices employed for exploration and development of conventional resources with revolutionary consequences, particularly in North America.

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