Producing from Residual Oil Zone ROZ: Concept and Strategy for Kuwait

Dhote, Prashant Dhote (Kuwait Oil Company) | Al-Bahar, Mohammad (Kuwait Oil Company) | Cole, Anthony (DeGolyer and MacNaughton) | Al-Sane, Amal (Kuwait Oil Company) | Bora, Anup (Kuwait Oil Company) | Sreenivasan, Ashique (Kuwait Oil Company)



Residual Oil Zones (ROZs) are an area of incrasing attention from hydrocarbon E&P industry with ever depleting reserves in known oil accumulations and advent of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Capture and Storage needs and technology. ROZ can serve as viable solution to both the future problems as a possible vast new oil resource and a prospect for reducing carbon emission. ROZs can be defined as thick pile of low-quality reservoir rock below traditional oil-water contact with about residual oil saturations of mainly irreducible oil resulting from the natural flushing of reservoir due to buoying forces and aquifer action in geological past in earlier oil-filled part of reservoir. The production of oil from ROZs from such reservoirs is technically and economicaly feasible through application of enhanced oil recovery techniques - largely through missible CO2 flooding/injection in the zone because of the nature of fluid and reservoir rock. The depostional and tectonic regime in the Kuwait Petroliferous Basins is investigated to demonstrate the occurrence of and independently assess ROZ potential. The understanding of Kuwait Petroliferous Basin indicates that ROZs might be developed by hydrodynamic actions associated with tectonic regime. The degradation of oil by water action and related increase of sulfur content of crude oil can be used as workable proxy for identification ROZ potential of the rerservoir. The regional mapping, understanding of tectionic history and regional systhesis of crude oil composition shows an extensive stratigraphic and lateral existence of ROZ potential across the Kuwait Petroliferous Basin.

This study aims to provide strategic roadmap and detail data acquisition program that will reveal ROZ production potential in Kuwait for Kuwait Oil Company (KOC).

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