Characterization of Azimuthal Anisotropy In the Presence of Thin Layers Using P-Waves

Liu, Yi-Jie (British Geological Survey, UK) | Liu, Enru (British Geological Survey, UK) | Li, Xiang-Yang (British Geological Survey, UK) | Ziolkowski, Anton (The University of Edinburgh, UK)


ABSTRACT In this paper, we study the effect of thin layers on the AVAZ analysis using synthetic modeling. A range of models are constructed by sandwiching a thin-layered reservoir with different thickness between two isotropic layers. Azimuthal gathers are calculated for each of these thin-layered models. After we apply azimuthal AVO analysis to the synthetics, we find that fracture orientation and intensity can be estimated accurately if the thickness of the thin layer is larger than a quarter of the wavelength. However, there are large discrepancies in the orientation and intensity estimates. We finally present a new procedure to improve the detectability of azimuthal anisotropy in the presence of thin layers.

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