Automation of Calculation and Management for HPHT Well Operating Limits - WIMS Coupled Engineering Analysis Approach

Al Sawadi, Obadah - (Halliburton)


Abstract The objective of this paper is to demonstrate and discuss the implementation of an automated workflow that calculates and manages the Operating Limits of Oil and Gas wells, particularly HPHT. The workflow is primarily based on representative well data and equipment inventory. It runs reliable engineering calculations (including tubular triaxial stress and sensitivity analyses) to define the well operating envelopes. It is aimed to 1) maximize the operating envelopes of well tubulars and downhole packers -compared to other conventional methods- and 2) prevent costly failures of critical well barrier elements (WBE). Results of this automation were encouraging. 100s of SME time hours are saved. Reliable and consistent analysis are performed for MAASP/MAWOP and overall well Operating Envelopes. Millions of dollars are saved by preventing potential and costly unnoticed tubular and/or downhole packer failures that could have been prevented. HSE/ESG is better served. Furthermore, this paper initiates a discussion to review implementation and compare feasibility industry applied methods that calculate wells’ operating envelopes. Important Note: All well data, engineering analysis, operating limits and well information etc., displayed or referred to in this publication, are not necessarily actual and only used for illustration purposes.

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