Effects of Temperature and Pressure on Shale Cuttings Dispersion in Water Based Mud WBM Using NACL, CACL2, KCL Salts as Primary Inhibiting Agents and Polymer XCD Xanthan Gum as Secondary Inhibiting Agent

Babajide, Ale (Covenant Univesity) | Adebowale, Oladepo (Covenant Univesity) | Adesina, Fadairo (Covenant Univesity) | Churchill, Ako (Covenant Univesity) | Ifechukwu, Micheals (Igbenedion University)


The primary cause of wellbore instability is the interaction of water based mud with shales which usually involves the movement of water and ions into or out of shale thereby causing alterations in mechanical property of the shale resulting in dispersion of shale particles into the mud. This work involves experiments to analyze the effects of chemical osmosis, diffusive flow prior to shale hydration and inhibition, determination of the effects of salt addition on pH and density of mud and also determination of the effect of Temperature and pressure other than just temperature on dispersion of shale cuttings into water based mud.