Unified Pressure and Rate Transient Analysis of Production and Shut-in Data from Fractured Horizontal Wells

Wang, HanYi (The University of Texas at Austin, AreaFrac Technology LLC) | Sharma, Mukul (The University of Texas at Austin) | McGowen, Harold (Navidad Energy)


Abstract Market-induced production shut-downs and restarts offer us an opportunity to gather step-rate and shut-in data for pressure transient analysis (PTA) and rate transient analysis (RTA). In this study, we present a unified transient analysis (UTA) to combine PTA and RTA in a single framework. In this new approach continuous production data, step-rate data, shut-in data and re-start data can be visualized and analyzed in a single superposition plot, which can be used to estimate both and infer formation pore pressure in a holistic manner by utilizing all available data. Most importantly, we show that traditional log-log and square root of time plots can lead to false interpretation of the termination of linear-flow or power-law behavior. Field cases are presented to demonstrate the superiority of the newly introduced superposition plot, along with discussion on the calibration of long-term bottom-hole pressure with short-term measurements.

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