Optimizing the Deepwater Completion Process: Case History of the Tamar 8 Completion Design, Execution and Initial Performance - Offshore Israel

Healy, John (Noble Energy) | Waggoner, Steven M. (Noble Energy) | Magin, Ian (Noble Energy) | Beavers, Matt (Noble Energy) | Williams, Kevin (Noble Energy) | Hebert, Russell (Noble Energy)



A case history from Offshore Israel is presented that describes the successful delivery of one (1) ultra-high rate gas well (+250 MMscf/D) completed in a significant (11.5 TCF) gas field with 7 in. production tubing and an Open Hole Gravel Pack (OHGP). The well described, Tamar 8, was completed approximately 4 years after the start of initial production from the Tamar development. Several operational innovations and process improvements were implemented that resulted in a significant reduction in rig time. A novel multi-purpose integrated tool string design enabled the sequential drilling of the pilot hole, underreaming of the reservoir section, several fluid displacements and casing cleaning in a single trip. The completions were installed with minimal operational issues (completion Non-Productive Time, NPT = 2.6%). Production commenced in April 2017. The initial completion productivity of this new well exceeded the five wells completed in 2012. Peak production rate to date is 281 MMscf/D.