Exploration Well Testing with a Venturi / Dual Energy Gamma ray Multiphase Flow Meter C"B�B A Case Study from Oman

Al Araimi, Nasser Mubarak (Brunei Shell Petr. Co. Sdn Bhd) | Jha, Nishant K. (Schlumberger) | Zakwani, Suleiman (Petroleum Development Oman)


Throughout recent years, in exploration well testing,multiphase flow metering technology has offered an attractive alternative to conventional well testing equipment. To assess the benefits and limitations of multiphase flow metering technology in exploration well testing, a multiphase flowmeter was used in combination with conventional well test equipment on an onshore exploration well in Oman.

In exploration well testing, conventional equipment has to handle solids, slugs flows, well construction fluids (N2, HCl,…) and well effluents. These particularly challenging conditions affect the capacity of measuring accurately the produced and completion fluids. With the use of the multiphase flow meter, a more complete flow history was obtained through accurate clean up monitoring. Quantifying recovered completion fluids assisted in a timely decision about end of clean up period thus saving time, while a good match with expected recovery volume increased the confidence in acquired data.

This exploration well test was performed in a remote desert location with unpaved access roads. The well testing set-up using the multiphase flow meter had a smaller volume of equipment and the reduced weights and footprints led to savings in terms of mobilization and set up time.

This paper presents the multiphase well test equipment used for this exploration well test highlighting the advantages over conventional well test equipment. The various steps taken to validate the multiphase flow meter measurement with particular focus on the water cut measurement have been reviewed.