An Overview of Spudcan Reinstallation Near a Footprint

Gaudin, Christophe (Centre for Offshore Foundation) | Kong, Vickie (U. of Western Australia) | Cassidy, Mark Jason


The reinstallation of jack-up units near a pre-existing footprint is one of thechallenges currently faced by the jack-up industry. Footprints have an unevensoil surface and heterogeneous strength characteristics. As a consequence, thespudcan re-installation is resisted by an eccentric and/or inclined reactionfrom the soil. This results in spudcan and leg tilting that is in turn resistedby the development of a bending moment in the leg, which may compromise thestructural integrity of the jack-up unit.

The paper presents an overview of the research performed at UWA on footprintspudcan interactions, highlighting (i) the relative contributions of thefootprint geometry and soil heterogeneity to the development of bending momentsin the spudcan leg and (ii) the necessity of modelling the spudcan and legfixities correctly to assess the forces generated in the spudcan and leg duringreinstallation accurately.