Project Knowledge Harvesting: The Case of Improving Project Performance through Project Knowledge Sharing Framework

Al-Awadhi, Rima (Kuwait Oil Company) | Tharayil, Abdul Jaleel (Kuwait Oil Company)



Driven by KOC 2040 strategy, the process integrated approach to project knowledge sharing is evolving to be the knowledge-sharing model in KOC. It integrates with various organizational process and policies such as Project Gate System and Performance Excellence and Change Management. KOC is one of the largest crude oil exporter in the world, and managing highly complex multi-million dollar projects over the last 80 years. Therefore, managing critical project knowledge is vital to the success of the project and the organization. However, due to the very nature and complexity involved, each project engagement generates a lot of ‘learnings’ that need to be factored into while new projects are initiated and thus avoid repeating the same mistake. Nevertheless, many a time these learnings are localized and remains as ‘tacit knowledge’ leading to scope re-work, schedule overrun, adjustment orders and claims. While KOC follows an asset based organization structure, with a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic workforce and larger chunk of the work is carried out through complex, long term project engagement, diffusion of ‘learnings’ across assets while dealing with the natural entropy of the organization is of great significance. The project knowledge harvesting through process-integrated approach encompasses knowledge assessment and prioritization, knowledge mapping and classification, user engagement, branding and communication, knowledge exchange with service providers, quality control through collaborative review and publishing process including a quick demonstration of the lessons learnt sharing & reuse platform.