Early Identification of a Potential Unconsolidated Reservoir and the Prevention of Sand Flowback by Incorporating a Liquid-Consolidation Agent with a Fracturing Treatment in Saudi Arabia

Hamid, Saad (Saudi Aramco) | Almulhim, Abdulrahman (Saudi Aramco) | Alabbad, Emad Abbad (Saudi Aramco) | Palanivel, Maharaja (Halliburton)


An engineering approach is discussed for identifying a potentially unconsolidated reservoir in an exploratory area and controlling sand flowback by fracturing using a liquid-consolidation additive as the binding agent. A vertical gas well targeting an exploratory reservoir was completed and hydraulically fractured to help enhance productivity. A petrophysical evaluation was performed with openhole logs, and results showed a potentially unconsolidated pay zone that posed the risk of producing formation sand. After identifying the issue, precautionary measures were taken to help prevent sand production. An engineered solution to hydraulically fracture the reservoir using a liquid-consolidating additive as a binding agent, opposed to the conventional resin-precoated proppant, was successfully performed.