Multi-realisation Full-field History-matching For Cbm Resources A New Approach With Global Optimisation Coupled With Geo-statistical Filtering.

Nasri, Haitham (LEAP Energy) | Chua, Alvin (LEAP Energy) | Alessio, Laurent Didier (LEAP Energy) | Pan, Sophoana (LEAP Energy) | Lee, Clement Thian Urn (LEAP Energy)


Within the operator's arsenal, a range of data acquisition methods are available such as: seismic, strat - hole, corehole and pilot - hole drilling. Commonly called'static' data acquisition from seismic, log and core unfortunately provide limited insight on reservoir and well performance, as permeability can only be measured through production testing (rather than from core poro - perm relationships in the case of conventional oil and gas assets). Therefore, pilot production testing is one imp ortant method to de - risk CBM plays. Operators are faced with the challenge of making the most of the production informationto characterise the underlying reservoir properties and predict future well performance. In order to extract reservoir characterisati on information from production data, history - matching of the data needs to be conducted using a mathematical model replicating the physics of production.