Integrated and Longest Directional Casing While Drilling Mitigates Hole Problems and Improves Drilling Performance While Saving Drilling Time

Radhakrishnan, Venkataramanan (Bits & Drilling Tools Schlumberger) | Gonzalo, Hevia Garcia (Teratanatorn, Navalarp Coastal Energy) | Borge, Diego Barrero (Teratanatorn, Navalarp Coastal Energy) | Pickup, Duncan Ian (Bits & Drilling Tools) | Anggraini, Fauzia Dwi (D&M) | Kongoun, Chortip (D&M)


Directional Casing While Drilling (DCwD) with Steerable Motor or a Rotary Steerable System is an emerging technology with proven results in Casing While Drilling applications. DCWD has been successfully applied in wells in Asia, North Sea and Middle East using rotary steerable systems & PDMs, proving up its operational reliability. The technology has been implemented in Asia Pacific region as well overcoming several challenges. The project was successfully implemented in 2 back to back wells in Gulf of Thailand & being the first of its kind. Since the DCWD is first of its kind in Gulf of Thailand and to the operator, a proper planning and detailing the procedures along with risk assessment is the key to the success of the project. The procedure, in addition to directional capabilities requires that the well meet the demands of anti-collision concerns within the torque and hydraulic operating parameters of the formation.