Induced polarization measurements of sandstones under elevated pressure

Mapeli, Cesar (Colorado School of Mines) | Ou, Liwei (Colorado School of Mines) | Prasad, Manika (Colorado School of Mines)


Summary Understanding of the pore structure of rocks and its pressure dependency has been a longstanding area of interest. More recently, pore structures and pore sizes have been mapped using induced polarization measurements (Revil et al. 2014, Niu et al., 2016). However, studies on the pressure dependency of Complex Resistivity (CR), also known as Induced Polarization (IP), and how they relate to pore deformation are almost nonexistent. In this study, we performed IP measurement on three sandstone samples with little to no clay content and observed the changes in real and quadrature conductivity with increasing confining pressure, while pore pressure was kept constant. The results from the IP measurements show that the real and quadrature conductivities both decrease with increasing pressure.