Automation and Digitization Technologies Value Estimation Methodology – A Deepwater Well Construction Case

Telles, Jose Daniel (Schlumberger) | Kandasamy, Rajeswary (Schlumberger) | Gallo Covarrubias, Rodrigo (Schlumberger) | Camacho, Jacob (Schlumberger) | Costeno, Hugo (Schlumberger) | Mejias, Jose Efrain (Schlumberger) | Alvarez, Francisco (Schlumberger)


Abstract This paper describes a methodology that can be used to estimate the potential value of implementing digital and automation technologies in the well construction process in the context of a complex deepwater environment during the drilling conceptualization phase. This serves as a guideline for those interested in quantifying the value of applying digitization and automation processes, not only to make informed decisions related to investment in drillship or systems hardware and software but as well as performance improvement.

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