Novel Motor Adjusts Bend Setting Downhole, Addressing Today's Directional Drilling Challenges

D'Souza, Rohan (NOV Inc.) | Emuchay, Chigozie (NOV Inc.) | Neil, Paul (NOV Inc.) | Clausen, Jeffery (NOV Inc.)


Abstract Previously, few options existed for the complex directional challenges. Drillers either needed to rely on multiple Bottom Hole Assemblies (BHAs) or use expensive drive systems, which resulted in increased operational cost and limited drilling flexibility. This novel Downhole Adjustable Motor (hereafter referred to as downhole adjustable motor or the motor) described in the paper addresses these limitations by enabling the driller to change the motor bend in real-time downhole. In addition, the motor can deliver up to 1,000 horsepower (HP) at the bit during rotary drilling—the highest power in its size range. This paper will review how, even in harsh drilling applications, the downhole adjustable motor has proven to save trips, increase bit life, reduce lateral vibrations and stick-slip, and allow for drilling optimization to increase Rate of Penetration (ROP) and decrease overall drill time. Whether for drilling contracts or lump-sum turnkey projects, the directional drilling industry benefits from this new technology's ability to improve drilling economics while increasing safety by reducing drillpipe tripping and additional BHA handling.

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