Mumbai High Metamorphic Basement Reservoirs - An Integrated Workflow Based Approach for Fracture Modelling and Real Time Planning and Monitoring

Mukherjee, S. K. (Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited) | Chitnis, S. N. (Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited)


With known basement hydrocarbon accumulation, Mumbai High field in Western Offshore, India is a priority area for extending the concept of fracture characterization in metamorphic basement reservoirs. Basement in Mumbai High is hydrocarbon bearing in few areas proximal to major fault damage zones and intersections of major regional tectonic cross trends. The challenge lay in characterizing such basement reservoirs with significant heterogeneities in mineralofacies, in situ stress fields, seismic amplitudes, fracture properties and connectivity, and flow potential. This necessitated development of an integrated static fracture model workflow assimilating structural modeling, seismic and petro-physical interpretations for fracture drivers and geocellular fracture modeling, fine tuned using geological concepts and point data extracted from well data analyses. The deterministic geo-cellular fracture model thus prepared has been calibrated with real time well observations and has been found to satisfactorily explain anomalous hydrocarbon accumulation and flow pattern in basement wells tested in the area. The adopted workflow has helped planning wells for evaluating and exploiting basement reservoir as well for real time monitoring of wells.