Field Operations Strategy for Installing Beam Pumping Units at 660 Wells in Just six Months

Ali Khan, Farhan (Weatherford) | Antonio Sierra, Tomas (Weatherford) | Gabriel Imbrea, Robert (Weatherford) | Robin Edwards, Michael (Weatherford) | Al-Rushoud, Ali (Kuwait Oil Company) | Al-Abdulhadi, Fahad (Kuwait Oil Company) | Shehab, Abdulaziz (Kuwait Oil Company) | Al-Ajeel, Fatemah (Kuwait Oil Company)


Project deliverables included gravel foundation preparation, concrete foundation installation, equipment reception and installation of conventional beam pumping units at 660 production wells in a remote field in Kuwait with a deadline of six months from equipment arrival. Equipment shipments schedules were sequential and therefore an execution strategy was required to successfully meet the project deadline. This paper describes the field operations strategy devised and adopted to successfully meet the deadline. A temporary operations base was set up at the remote field for coordination, equipment reception, inspection, consolidation, pre-assembly and dispatches. Operations were divided into six parallel processes as follows: 1. Equipment logistics 2. Gravel foundation preparations 3. Concrete foundation installations 4. Unit Pre-assembly 5. Pre-assembled units dispatches 6. Final unit installations Daily output targets were set for each process prior to the commencement of operations.