Magnetic, in situ, mineral characterization of Chelyabinsk meteorite thin section

Nabelek, Ladislav (Charles University in Prague) | Mazanec, Martin (Charles University in Prague) | Kdyr, Simon (Charles University in Prague) | Kletetschka, Gunther (Charles University in Prague)


ABSTRACT Magnetic images of thin Chelyabinsk meteorite (fragment removed from Chebarkul lake) thin section have been produced using a magnetic scaning system from Youngwood Science and Engineering (YSE). The magnetic anomalies have been analyzed at each step of both DC field magnetizing and demagnetizing and resulting magnetic characteristics of several magnetic anomalies are discussed. Based on magnetic characteristics of the individual grains, which have been located within the thin section. The areas with magnetic anomalies were subjected to scanning electron micrography to reveal composition and morphology of magnetic sources. Results introduce a new method for comparison of the micro-magnetic properties of the meteorite. Presentation Date: Wednesday, October 19, 2016 Start Time: 10:20:00 AM Location: Lobby D/C Presentation Type: POSTER

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