Simultaneous Initiation of Multiple Transverse Hydraulic Fractures from a Horizontal Well

Lecampion, B. (Schlumberger) | Desroches, J. (Schlumberger)



We present a numerical model for the simultaneous initiation and subsequent propagation of multiple transverse hydraulic fractures from a horizontal wellbore. In particular, we investigate the efficiency and robustness of the multistage hydraulic fracturing technique. We restrict the created hydraulic fractures to remain radial and planar but fully account for the stress interaction between fractures, the fluid flow in the wellbore and across the different perforation clusters which are modeled via a classical relation between the friction pressure drop and the flow rate entering a given fracture. The initiation is modeled from a radial notch of given initial length using linear elastic fracture mechanics. The solver models the complete pressurization of the wellbore, the initiation of the different fractures and their propagation and interactions. The split of the fluid between the different clusters is part of the solution at each time-step. We present some validations and a case study investigating the effect of a number of heterogeneities (in-situ stress etc.) on the robustness of the limited entry technique.