Achieving Repeatability and Reproducibility in Competency-Based Training

Lau, Hon Chung (National University of Singapore) | Pang, Michael (Consultant)


In today's high-stakes E&P operating environment, achieving operational excellence is key not only to profitability but also obtaining a license to operate. Doing so requires E&P companies to have competent staff who are qualified to perform their jobs professionally at all levels of seniority. As technology and the regulatory environment change, continuous education for technical professionals is not only desirable but necessary. Competency-based training (CBT) is one of the most effective ways to ensure competency development in E&P professionals. Unlike traditional training, CBT focuses on helping the learner to master well-defined job-related competencies. The hallmarks of CBT are repeatability and reproducibility of results. Repeatability is the ability of the same learner to achieve consistent results whereas reproducibility is the ability of multiple learners to achieve the same consistent results. This paper discusses the ten elements of CBT in order to achieve repeatability and reproducibility.