Successful Execution of a Challenging Well Intervention on First of its Kind Unconventional Dual Completion Well in South East Kuwait Field: A Case Study

Saffar, Ali Hussein (Kuwait Oil Company) | Haddad, Hassan (Kuwait Oil Company) | Sindhu, Sneh (Kuwait Oil Company) | Gupta, Pravind Kumar (Kuwait Oil Company) | Al-Munayes, Fahad (Kuwait Oil Company)



KOC has been producing oil using dual completions from different pressure regime zones from the same well and South East Kuwait field has many such dual completions wells which are currently being converted from natural flow completion to artificial lift completions. In one of such dual completion naturally producing well, first time in world an artificial lift system - Anchor Pump was installed in Short String (SS) through rigless intervention. Thus project well had un conventional dual completion in the field first of its kind i.e. Sucker Rod Pump (SRP) installed in short string and natural producer through Long String(LS). The well produced for some time through both strings and an intervention by workover rig was required due to high water cut and stuck anchor pump in short string. The paper describes the challenges and initiatives and learnings for safe execution of unconventional dual completion well workover.

Due to combination of natural flow and SRP artificial lift completion, the X-mas tree configuration and associated surface equipment of such well was had several constraints and HSE issues for mobilization of rig and dual production zones with varying pressure regimes have challenges of initial well killing due to plugged short string by stuck anchor pump. The risks were identified during planning stage and risk reduction measures were jointly agreed with Field Development. Various options were explored to minimize risks to ALARP level and subsequently addressed in Work Over Program. The surface equipment constraints were eliminated through rigless works and X-tree configuration were modified to suit deployment of a workover rig. Well process safety principles were applied to accomplish initial well killing in both production zones so as to safely pull out existing dual string completion without any well control issues. An initiative to use sucker rod back off tool, first time and safe back off operation was performed successfully from very close to stuck point.

The existing completion strings were pulled out and further well cleanout and workover program was well cleanout Finally, well was completed with new ESP completion string and successfully production tested. The most important factor in success was proactive planning keeping in view of Process Safety for well control issues and effective communication among the concerned parties.

The initiatives adopted in execution of such a challenging well intervention resulted enhancement in safety to rig crew and Rig operational safety standards in addition to contribution towards cost reduction. Lessons learnt has potential of rig time saving specially during workover of large number of heavy oil wells where stuck sucker rod conditions are very common due to sand invasion in tubing during production.