Interface Management Improves On-Time, On-Budget Delivery of Megaprojects

Nooteboom, Uri (INTEC Engineering)


The advent of huge, multinational offshore projects in the past decade and recent challenges in the timely, within-budget delivery of these projects finds the oil and gas industry grappling with how to bring balance to the planning and execution of these developments in terms of effective contracting, coordination, risk allocation, and conflict resolution. Many in the industry have determined that more effective interface management (IM)--meaning the proactive avoidance or mitigation of any project issues, including design conflicts, installation clashes, new technology application, regulatory challenges, and contract claims--would enhance the successful delivery of megaprojects. But this "discovery" of IM as a possible solution has been born from the disappointment of projects "gone wrong." That is, IM is not necessarily a new invention, but rather a critical project component that to date has not been fully appreciated or appropriately addressed. In truth, the management of interfaces--referring to common boundaries between people, systems, equipment, or concepts--has been a silent, hidden aspect of project management for a long time, but it was not specifically named or grasped until the rise of megaprojects, many of which have suffered significant losses.