Constraining 1D Resistivity Inversion Using the Near-Surface Coherent Noise

Iacob, Cezar (Dirac SRL) | Orza, Razvan (Dirac SRL)


The implementation settings: geotechnical study in Targoviste influence of this noise is heavily felt on the inversion City, landslide study in Runcu Town and tailing ponds process, where the obtained models can be far from reality investigations in Alba County. The used method was the and from the other in situ information available. Based on direct current Vertical Electric Sounding (VES) with a the layer equivalence principle, this paper proposes using single channel Schlumberger electrode type array. The the coherent noise in the apparent resistivity to constrain investigated sites have been located in inhabited areas or the 1D inversion process. Data from three different settings industrial yards, the infrastructure posing important has been approached. The method was successfully applied problems both for the data acquisition process and for the and verified using in situ information such as geotechnical quality of the collected information. The VES stations were or hand dug shallow wells.

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