High Density Fluids Customization and Field Application in Khursaniyah Challenging Wells

Gadalla, Ahmed (Saudi Aramc) | Pino, Rafael (Saudi Aramc) | Ezi, Peter (Saudi Aramc) | Zayer, Nadeer (Saudi Aramc) | Hudaithi, Mohammad (Saudi Aramc) | Addagalla, Ajay (Baker Hughes) | Kosandar, Balraj (Baker Hughes) | Jadhav, Prakash (Baker Hughes) | Lawal, Ishaq (Baker Hughes) | Imran, Aqeel (Baker Hughes) | Hassan, Omran (Baker Hughes)


The variations in formation pressure across these layers have led to issues like well flowing, losses, and stuck pipe causing considerable nonproductive time. This paper analyzes the historical problems encountered in the offset wells to identify the critical fluids related issues during drilling of this section: 1. Thermal and pressure stability of fluids additives.