Total Business Transformation to Future Proof the Business, Build Change Agility, and Drive Sustainability and Cost Optimization

Seth, Vivek (ADNOC) | Goyal, Deepak (ADNOC)


Abstract Energy industry is at the crossroads and a major transition is in progress. This puts tremendous expectations on the supporting Logistics industries. As the industry balances significant challenges and uncertainties, Future Proofing the Business and driving Sustainability was a top priority for us. To future proof the business, both revenue and cost were important. With this premise we embarked on an ambitious journey to drive total business transformation covering the Operating Model, Operations, Commercial, Organization Structure, People, Performance, Data, Technology. Operating Model defines the Business Moat and drives Customer Solutions and to achieve sustainable successes building change agility was also important. This was also aligned with Corporate Values and 3 Key Pillars – People, Profitability and Sustainability. While the right Processes, Systems, etc. are critical to any business, importance of People can't be underestimated. Without the right mindset, any transformation will end up being a paper exercise on the surface, while the story underneath the waves will be very different. A successful transformation, though often a management prerogative, needs to involve a larger employee population. And while one can be tempted to change everything, it's vital to understand the high impact areas that will deliver the maximum results. This also helps in ensuring smooth business continuity and not disrupt the day to day to operations, while keeping the cost in control and building success stories that help fuel the Change Mindset and appetite for Transformation. Our transformation journey, Transform 1.0 had 3 focus areas with high impact, and changing the very DNA of the business. People & Mindset. Building Change Agility Future Proofing the Business, impacting top and bottom line.  Profitability  Cost Optimization  Talent  Asset Optimization Driving Sustainability

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