New Prospective Plays Offshore Ukraine as Result of 3D Geo-Modeling & Geophysical Inversion

Petrovskyy, Oleksandr (STF “BIPEKS LTD”) | Fedchenko, Tetyana (Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical Oil and Gas University) | Kitchka, Oleksandr (CASRE NASU)


Summary An approach of integral geological and geophysical modeling has been applied to study the Black Sea (south of Odessa Gulf and offshore Crimea Peninsula) shelf and continental slope to delineate its potential hydrocarbon prospects and leads. Geophysical 3D Earth model was built integrating all available geo-data including geodynamic studies, seismic, well and gravity data. Verification of the model with known gas fields proved correctness of the model built and reliability of new prospects. One of the most promising prospect mapped within continental slope and toe corresponding with higher probability to a submarine Neocomian canyon and fan incised into Jurassic bedrock. Method and its realization Interpretation process includes construction of heterogeneous 3D density model as the result of inverse problem solution for gravity data in combination with seismic data, well log data and other geological information (Petrovskyy O.P., 2005).