Reflection seismic and CSAMT in thrust controlled mineral exploration, Fujian, China

Liu, Guofeng (China University of Geosciences (Beijing)) | Meng, Xiaohong (China University of Geosciences (Beijing)) | Tan, Handong (China University of Geosciences (Beijing)) | Chen, Zhaoxi (China University of Geosciences (Beijing))


Southwestern Fujian province is an important metallogenic belt in China and contains many thrusts, the main structure related to a reservoir of multiple mineral deposits. A single geophysical method is unable to provide an ideal image of the thrust due to poor data quality and resolution limitation, and joint interpretation of multiple geophysical methods helps remedy this issue. Two-dimensional seismic reflection and Controlled Source Audio-frequency Magnetotellurics (CSAMT) were performed in this region for in order to analyze data by joint interpretation. For the seismic reflection, after conventional processing, Prestack Depth Migration(PSDM) on rugged topography gave a better image that could be used to recognize related faults and their internal structures. For CSAMT, inversion with topography was conducted. These results provide interpretation images in the same image space and coordinates, making the joint work more convenient and directly. Combining these results with the borehole data on this survey line, a final thrust structure model was built and the lithology was inferred. This joint work is useful for imaging the overlapped thrust with deeper mineral deposits and provides a reference for exploration in a larger area.

Presentation Date: Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Start Time: 9:20:00 AM

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