Tidal height and water velocity from PIES: Processing of shallow and deep water examples

Udengaard, Carsten (FairfieldNodal) | Craft, Kenneth (FairfieldNodal)


Processing of Ocean Bottom Node (OBN), or any other marine acquisition type, surveys requires accurate knowledge of tidal height and acoustic water velocity variations. Pressure Inverted Echo Sounder (PIES) units are used in many OBN surveys to provide direct in field measurements to needed to compute tides and acoustic water velocity on a predetermined time interval. In order to determine these values accurately additional information is required, such as barometric pressure, depth dependent water pressure, temperature and conductivity. Combining the information from multiple field measurements allows for accurate determination of tide height and water velocity. Deep water and shallow water examples are used to illustrate the processing similarities and differences required due to proximity differences to the sea surface.

Presentation Date: Monday, October 15, 2018

Start Time: 1:50:00 PM

Location: 204C (Anaheim Convention Center)

Presentation Type: Oral

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