Remediation of Subsea Flowline Restriction Using Seawater and Additives

Garan, Ron (Clariant Oil Services) | Esley, John (Clariant Oil Services) | Arciero, Bryan (Murphy Exploration & Production Company) | Mazzeo, Claudia (Clariant Oil Services) | Alapati, Rama (Clariant Oil Services) | Yousef, Ali (Clariant Oil Services)


Prior to a planned transition in producing zones, an 18,000′ single well subsea tieback flowline to a deepwater Gulf of Mexico production facility experienced a restricted flowline ID and partial blockages due to paraffin deposition. Efforts were coordinated to provide support in the design, product selection, and determination of success for the flowline remediation. Transient multiphase flow simulations were created and tuned/validated with historical slugging data to estimate initial effective ID of the subsea flowline.