Inter-Well Stress Shadow as a Tool to Improve Productivity and Longevity in Multi-Fractured Unconventional Wells

Buijs, Hernán (Wintershall Dea, Headquarters) | Ibrahim, Mahmoud (Wintershall Dea Middle East)


Abstract Multi-horizontal well pads are the norm in unconventional reservoirs development with wells having multi-stage fracture treatments pumped across predefined perforation cluster configurations, horizontal landing positions and well lateral spacings. Inter-intra stage and inter-well stress shadow patterns for a predefined chronological fracturing sequence can be utilized to enhance proppant distribution across the host rock, contacting additional net pay and improving the production performance of wells in ultra-tight reservoirs. 3D geomechanical models of a middle cretaceous carbonaceous shale are calibrated to UAE Shilaif Shale conditions and incorporated into a grid-oriented planar 3D fracture simulator. A large number of simulations are utilized to develop knowledge and understanding regarding the stress shadow effects on fracture geometry related to the geological heterogeneity, completion parameters, hydraulic fracture design and different chronological hydraulic fracturing sequences. The main purpose of this paper is to develop a hydraulic fracturing completion methodology focused on finding a chronological fracturing sequence across several wells that will maximize their production performance and longevity by enhancing the proppant coverage in the host rock.

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