Outlines and Structural Features of the Simple Development Engineering for W 10-3 North Marginal Oil Field

Gu, Guowei (China Offshore Oil Nan Hai West Corporation) | Lin, Guanqun (China Offshore Oil Nan Hai West Corporation) | Zhang, Dongyuan (China Offshore Oil Nan Hai West Corporation)



The simple development engineering project of W10-3 North (W10-3 N) oil field has its own significance in the history of the simple oil field development for China's offshore oil industry and is a crystal of research fruits on early production system" in the offshore engineering field of China. This article introduces the development of the marginal oil fields and the conversions of the two production platforms from drilling rigs and their engineering features. It provides necessary and referable information for understanding the cases of the simple development engineering for marginal oil field in Beibu Gulf and the conversions of jack-up rigs "Nai Hia No. 1" (NH1) and "Bo Hai No. 6" (BH6) to double purpose of drilling and production rigs.

Key words: marginal oil field, simple development engineering



More than 10 fault block oil fields of small and middle sizes have been discovered consecutively in the basin of Beibu Gulf by self and joint explorations with foreign companies. W10-3 oil field cooperatively developed by China Offshore Oil Nan Hai West Corporation (CONHW) and TOTAL was put into production commercially in 1986. One wellhead platform and one complete set of floating production system have been constructed on the oil field, whose facilities include a fix tower Single Point Mooring (SPM) and a Floating, Processing Storage, Off - loading (FPSO) tanker (see Fig. 1).

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