Steam Stimulation Pilot Project in the Orinoco Belt, Zuata Area, Venezuela

Burkill, Guy C.C. (Maraven) | Rondon, Luis A. (Maraven)


Maraven has implemented a Pilot Project in the Zuata area of the OrinocoBelt to evaluate the following parameters in relation to a commercialdevelopment:

  • Performance of slant wells drilled with angles of inclination up to 45degrees.
  • Production mechanisms, particularly the possibility of reservoircompaction.
  • Productivity of the area and well response to â??Huff and Puffâ?¿ steaminjection.
  • Pumping efficiency as related to oil viscosity and well angle.

Twelve inclined wells (7 producers and 5 observers) have been drilled in acluster configuration, using a slant rig with a well spacing at surface of 15metres and 300 metres in the reservoir.