Use of P to S Converted Waves For Imaging Sub-overthrusted Structures: a Feasibility Case Study, Eastern Venezuela

Tersipetcof, Julieta (Universidad Simón Bolívar) | Sierra, Jesús (PDVSA-Intevep) | Aldana, Milagrosa (Universidad Simón Bolívar)



This paper presents a feasibility study of the use of P to S converted waves for imaging under overthrusted structures in the Capiricual Area, Eastern Venezuela. The zone of interest is an exploratory area of potential hydrocarbon accumulations where no-wells have been drilled yet. A 2D full wave elastic finite different seismic modeling was performed assuming a surface source-receiver geometry configuration combined with zero offset vertical seismic profiles for purposes of identification of the different wave types. The velocity model was generated using the structural interpretation and P wave velocities coming from an existing 2D seismic line complemented with well information from two wells 10 km away.