A Comprehensive Real-Time Data Analysis Tool for Fluid Gains and Losses

Andia, P. (BP) | Sant, R. V. (BP) | Whiteley, N. (BP)



This paper describes a comprehensive approach to aid the monitoring and trending of wellbore fluid gains and losses during well construction drilling and completion operations. A software tool was built that is able to integrate real-time data with algorithms to provide early warning indicators for potential well control and lost circulation events. The focus is primarily on amalgamating relevant formation evaluation data, drilling and circulating parameters as well as pre-drill or real-time pore pressure and fracture gradient analyses.

In order to build a comprehensive real-time data analysis tool for managing the fluid in the well, three groups of parameters were identified as essential for monitoring: surface fluid flows and volumes, surface and downhole drilling parameters and formation properties, and gas events in the wellbore and at the surface. Eight capabilities were created to aid the monitoring of the identified key parameters. These capabilities depend on a number of integrated algorithms and displays that operate within a realtime data platform and were designed to utilize measurements in real-time as well as relevant well construction information. The primary aim is to provide a medium for visualization of events and informative trends, along with alerts when parameters fall outside specified thresholds. Presenting this collated information in real-time provides shared awareness of fluid gain/loss risks and events to personnel that work in a real-time monitoring center as well as to offshore and onshore operation teams. The software tool was developed and tested over three years and trialed in two wells with offshore and onshore operations personnel. It is now being deployed and used by technical specialists that work in a real-time monitoring center and operation support teams in the office.