Interactive Web Based 3D Wellbore Viewer Enables Collaborative Analysis

Phillips, Walter (



Common wellbore visualizations are depicted using 2D perspective views. This approach is limited and potentially misleading. Of particular interest to rod-pumping and progressing cavity pumps is the amount of side loading placed on the rod string throughout the wellbore. By illustrating the trajectory of a wellbore in 2D, some nuanced geometries can be easily lost. The familiar "corkscrew" wellbore, for example, is very difficult to depict through simple perspective views. A corkscrew is best visualized at a specific camera angle where the shape is apparent. This best viewing angle is generally not at 90 degrees, where typical 2D perspective views are generated.

Distributed wellbore visualization tools can be applied to both design and analysis of pump installations. Interactive views help to identify points in the well where problems may occur, or have occurred. Strategic placement of downhole equipment such as pump depth relative to perforations and historic fluid levels can be done in a more intuitive way, taking into account a more accurate understanding of the wells geometry.

The use of standards based modern web technologies enables rapid deployment of such a tool to both desktop and mobile devices. Three dimensional graphics acceleration was previously only available in the web browser through plugins and other 3rd party software installations. 3D graphics can now be rendered natively in most modern web browsers without the need for any additional software.