A Practical Approach to Compensate For Diodic Effects of PS Converted Waves

Dai, Hengchang (British Geological Survey) | Li, Xiang Yang (British Geological Survey)



We propose a practical approach to compensate for the diodic moveout of PS converted waves using a velocity perturbation method. In this approach, the diodic moveout can be decoupled into two parts. One part is related to a base velocity and the other part is related to a velocity perturbation. The base velocity is used to correct the curved feature of the diodic moveout and the velocity perturbation is used to correct the dipping feature of the diodic moveout. We have developed GUI tools to perform the diodic velocity analysis for stacking procedure and prestack time migration, and command line tools to perform the diodic moveout correction and prestack time migration with diodic moveout compensation. We have applied these tools to a real dataset and obtained improved images.