Characterizing a Geothermal Reservoir Using Broadband 2-D MT Survey In Theistareykir, Iceland

Yu, Gang (KMS Technologies) | Strack, Kurt (KMS Technologies) | Allegar, Norman (KMS Technologies) | Gunnarsson, A´rni (Landsvirkjun) | He, Zhanxiang (BGP) | He, Lanfang (BGP) | Tulinius, Helga (VGK-Ho¨nnun)



Geothermal energy is playing a larger role as an alternative energy source for both electricity generation and for space heating. Our recent magnetotelluric (MT) surveys in Iceland have both characterized known geothermal reservoirs and identified new drilling opportunities. MT data confirmed the findings of a previous TEM survey in the Theistareykir field, outlined the boundaries of the geothermal reservoir and for the first time identified and mapped a deeper conductive layer. The success of these surveys has resulted in additional 2D and 3D data acquisition and will be incorporated into the drilling program to evaluate the identified geothermal potential.