Offshore Export Gas Pipeline in Pre Salt Santos Basin - Historic, Optimizations and Lessons Learned

de Azevedo, Fabio Braga (Petrobras) | Haverroth, Guilherme Eller (Petrobras) | de Castro Genaio, Monica (Petrobras)


On November, 2010 Petrobras defined the necessity of one additional gas export pipeline in Santos Basin Pre-Salt area to improve the capacity of the export gas network and assure the objectives defined in the Strategic Plan. Nowadays there are two gas export pipelines in operation to export the gas from pre-salt area: Rota 1 connecting Lula Sul field to onshore facilities in Caraguatatuba/SP and Rota 2 connecting Lula Área de Iracema Sul to onshore facilities in Cabiunas/RJ.

The new 20-in and 24-in gas export pipeline named Rota 3 is approximately 307km long and connects Lula Norte field in Santos Basin to Jaconé Beach/Maricá It has 15 spare hubs and 3 PLEMs for future connections to Sépia, Berbigão, Atapu, Sururu, Buzios and Libra fields. Also, Rota 3 is interconnected to export gas pipeline Rota 2 in a loop to permit gas exportation through Maricá and Cabiúnas.

This paper addresses the pipeline design optimizations based on standard DNV-0S-F101 and on several consulting to national and international pipe suppliers. Full scale qualifications tests were performed in accordance with DNV-0S-F101 to permit the use of the alfafab factor identical to one for the supplied 20-in UOE pipes. All qualification process was witnessed by DNV.

Additional simplifications were introduced aiming to costs reduction and in order to improve attractiveness of EPCI (Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation) contract. Installation contractors were invited to suggest simplifications to the project.

Lessons learned during the design, BID process and installation phase of the project are also envisaged.